Individual participants will have the opportunity to donate a portion of their yard sale profits to #DanforthStrong fundraising initiatives.

Through the guidance of the Danforth shooting victims and their families, it was decided that the funds raised as part of this community-wide yard sale will be provided to the Coalition for Gun Control. Specifically, in support of their recent national campaign: Trigger Change.


Founded in the wake of the Montreal Massacre in 1989, the Coalition for Gun Control was formed to support strategies to reduce gun death, injury, and crime. For almost 30 years, the Coalition for Gun Control has been working to make Canada safer and is supported by more than 200 health, crime prevention, victims, public safety, women’s and community organizations from across Canada. They have made great progress but much more needs to be done.

Currently, the Coalition for Gun Control is focused on strengthening Bill C-71 and promoting a handgun ban in Canada. To learn more about the Coalition’s recommendations for Bill C-71 click here. To learn more about banning civilian ownership of handguns and military assault weapons, and how you can directly help the Coalition, click here.

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